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Legacy Winds Members post a show hugging each other while wearing their Legacy Member jackets.

About Legacy Production Company

Our Story

Founded in 2021 by Jacques Bernard, Legacy Production Company emerged from a deep-seated reverence for the enduring power of music and the arts. With a vision rooted in the memory of his father and a lifelong devotion to music education, Jacques set out to create an institution that would resonate with the aspirations of young artists in Miami and beyond.

Our Mission

At Legacy, we believe in the transformative potential of music and performing arts as a cornerstone of education. Our mission is to provide a robust arts education that is universally accessible and fosters the development of discipline, character, and creativity. Through our programs, we aim to instill pride, self-confidence, inclusion, and a sense of family in each of our students.

Our Programs

Legacy Production Company houses two dynamic ensembles: Legacy Winds and Legacy Percussion. These groups exemplify our commitment to performance excellence, allowing students to express their artistry and share their talent with the community. Our offerings include a comprehensive education in instrumental music and movement, with performance opportunities that span from local stages to global audiences.

Our Impact

In just three years, Legacy has cultivated a nurturing environment that champions the work of music and movement educators. Our members have achieved personal milestones and contributed positively to their high school, collegiate, and drum corps programs, thanks to the knowledge and experiences gained at Legacy.

Our Future

Looking ahead, Legacy Production Company continues to embrace innovation and sustainability in arts education. We see the world as our library—a limitless resource that fuels our drive to learn and grow. As we build upon our foundation, we remain focused on creating not just art, but a lasting legacy.

Join Us

We invite you to be part of our story—a narrative of artistic excellence, community impact, and lifelong learning. Whether as a member, supporter, or audience, your role in the Legacy Production Company is waiting to be written.

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