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Our Legacy

Our Vision & Mission

The Legacy Production Company is an organization of dedicated members, parents, administrators, educators and directors who strive to achieve the highest level of artistry through performance. Legacy is an advocate for music and arts education. Our education program provides every student a unique opportunity to learn the detailed process of producing fine arts, and stage productions. We believe that a well rounded fine arts education is a core essential to every student’s development, and must be available to all students.


At Legacy, we support the efforts of instrumental music and movement educators on the drum corps, collegiate, and high school levels. We believe in permanently enriching the lives of young people by providing positive life-changing experiences, and a sense of belonging; through music education, and performance opportunities for all students.


Our team ensures that every student is set up to be successful and bring a wealth of knowledge back to their high school, collegiate, and even drum corps programs. Legacy stands by our commitment to instilling discipline, character, pride, creativity, self-confidence, inclusion, and a sense of family in our students. By doing so we form a springboard to even greater achievements in adulthood, and the rest of their lives. We craft and develop performance excellence, while providing enjoyment for our local community and audiences worldwide.​


Our team of directors, administrators, and educators are excited about what the future holds. Here at Legacy, we strive every day to learn as much as we can to become the best version of ourselves.  When we have that point of view; the world becomes our library. One day we will all look back and be able to say, “I was as great as I could be, I created my own Legacy”.​


Welcome to the Team!

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